The BIG BT ISDN & PTSN SWITCH OFF and what it means for your business

30th Sep 2022

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BT will be switching off ISDN & PSTN in 2025 




How will your business be affected by the BIG BT ISDN & PTSN SWITCH OFF? And what to do about it!

 The UK’s telecoms networks will undergo massive changes in the next two years, with BT shutting off its traditional phone lines in favour of internet-based systems.

In November 2017 BT announced it would not provide ISDN and PSTN services in the UK past December 2025 and would be moving all its business customers to SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solutions. And, as a pre-cursor to this switch off, from September 2023 there will be a Stop Sell order, with BT no longer selling or upgrading ISDN or PSTN.

As of December 2025, all ISDN and PSTN services will cease to operate. There will also be no maintenance available on any of these types of circuits.

Who will be affected by the ISDN & PSTN switch off?

Over 16 million telephone lines will have to be transferred to IP-based networks which support broadband-based call services as a result of the switch off. This will affect over two million UK businesses, with the biggest impact felt by those with a substantial use of landline telephones, alarm systems and other telemetry-based services using PSTN lines (see below).

What will be affected by the PSTN and ISDN switch off?

A range of services will be affected by the switch off, including:

  • Telephone systems, phone lines and their numbers
  • ADSL and FTTC broadband internet services
  • Burglar alarms / Fire alarms / Panic alarms
  • Fax machines
  • Emergency phones / Emergency lift lines
  • EPOS terminals

How can a business prepare for the ISDN & PSTN switch off?

Today, there are plenty of other methods of voice and data transmission available that are cheaper, faster and more reliable.

To switch to an IP-based service, such as a VoIP or SIP solution, might sound like there’s a lot involved and a hassle you can do without, but these changes will be of great benefit to UK businesses. A business-grade hosted telephone service using VoIP revolutionises business communications. Advantages include reduced costs, excellent voice quality, flexibility, scalability and powerful functionality.

In order to get the right service for your business, it’s best to talk to a telecoms company that specialises in hosted telephony. Not only will they be able to assess your immediate needs but will also be able to offer you the scalability for your future requirements. Plus, they will be able to take all the hassle out of moving over to a new system, enabling you to keep your existing numbers and ensuring there is no impact on the day-to-day operation of the business.

 Will Openreach meet the December 2025 Deadline?

Openreach are adamant the December 2025 deadline is set in stone. Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) Lines that have not migrated to alterative services in April 2025 will be deemed as Orphaned Assets and Openreach intend to work with CPs to identify and migrate these customer to alternative products by the December 2025 deadline so they do not lose service. The actions to be taken are yet to be defined and the difficulties identifying the use of the line, and in some cases the end user customer, along with the contractual agreement to move is still to be confirmed but be assured, services will be withdrawn and customers will be impacted should they not move in time. 

Fail to prepare and you prepare to fail!

If you are a business whose voice and/or data transmission will be affected by the BT 2025 switch off, then it makes business sense to start planning the transition to hosted telephony now as the cut-off date is fast approaching.

During this transition period from your legacy systems to an internet service, upgrading your current legacy hardware including PBX’s may also be something to consider. Many of the older phone systems in offices today will need to be either replaced, upgraded or have additional components added to them to allow them to continue working over new IP Telephony lines.


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