SIP Trunks

Most UK business systems connect via ISDN lines. SIP Trunks are the new alternative. Standing for Session Initiation Protocol, SIP directs calls over your internet connection, reducing or removing the need for ISDN circuits. This means a number of benefits:

  • Cheaper connectivity. Internet connectivity prices have come right down recently, whilst ISDN prices have stayed broadly unchanged. So if you rent ISDN lines, you’re probably paying more than you need to.
  • Cheaper call rates. ISDN calls are very often more expensive than SIP calls, which place lower demands on the call carrier.
  • Only pay for what you need. With ISDN2 you buy two channels at a time. With ISDN30 you buy a minimum of eight channels. SIP can provide any number of channels, in increments of one, only limited by your bandwidth.
  • No additional hardware costs. With ISDN, if you need to add a circuit, you may need an extra ISDN line card for your phone system. The cost (if your system can accommodate it) can set you back a substantial amount. Not so with SIP.
  • Disaster Recovery ready. SIP Trunking can increase your phone system’s resilience, by eliminating its dependency on individual circuits.

Convinced?  We are. At Anglia Telephones we use SIP trunks within our own operations, and we would be delighted to advise you on whether your current system can be adapted to become SIP compatible. Alternatively, our new Panasonic Systems offer will open the door to this and a whole host of advanced business benefits.

Either way, call us on 01493 444555 to explore your options.