How managing phone systems is made easy with Anglia Technology

19th Sep 2023

Man using Hosted telephone system

Are you responsible for managing your business’s phone system? If so, you’ve probably encountered some common challenges:

  • Needing IT assistance for every system setting change.
  • Dealing with errors caused by complex manual commands.
  • Lacking real-time insights into system performance and calls.
  • Worrying about security threats due to port forwarding.
  • Facing issues like delayed notifications and system breakdowns.
  • Juggling between various systems and tools.

In the fast-paced world of technology and communications, staying ahead of the curve is vital for businesses to thrive. We understand the day-to-today challenges system managers and  business phone system administrators face. In today’s blog post, we’re going to explore the benefits of the Yeastar P-Series Phone System and how it is designed to empower you with user-friendly features and streamlined processes. From system setup and user mapping to remote access, security, and system failover, Yeastar makes it easier to manage like a pro.

Simplified System Configuration and Setup

Yeastar offers a user-friendly web-based Management Portal that makes system configuration a breeze. You can set up extensions, trunks, call routing, and more with just a few clicks. Plus, if you’re new to the Management Portal, an installation wizard will guide you through the basics.

Configure SIP Trunks with Pre-built Templates

Admins will find pre-configured templates for SIP trunk setup in our Management Portal. These templates minimise the time and effort required to configure your SIP trunk, making it hassle-free. 

Straightforward User Provisioning and Granular Permissions

Yeastar provides features like User Role, Organisation, and Extension Group for flexible user management. Create organisational structures based on your company’s departments, group users, and assign permissions to different users. 

Monitor, Manage, and Maintain Easily

Yeastar’s Dashboard offers real-time system performance monitoring with six modules covering critical metrics and system status. You’ll stay informed about the system’s health and performance.

Get Instant Notifications about System Events

Receive timely alerts about system events, categorised into information, warning, and alert levels. Choose your preferred notification method, be it phone calls or emails, and stay updated on system changes and security alerts.

Manage Multiple PBXs with Network Management System (NMS)

Yeastar supports SNMP, allowing you to manage multiple PBXs and devices efficiently through a Network Management System (NMS). Centralised management made easy.

Comprehensive CDR, Call Reporting & Analytics

Yeastar offers comprehensive CDR and reporting tools for analyzing call activities and optimizing strategies. No need for third-party applications. Easily retrieve, schedule, and analyze call reports.

Safely Connect Remote Teams and SIP Endpoints

Yeastar ensures secure remote connections without compromising system security. Remote SIP Service and Remote Access Service provide safe and efficient options for remote staff and devices.

If you’re ready to transform the way you manage your business communication infrastructure, get in touch with Anglia Technology today and explore how the Yeastar P-Series Phone System can help you and your team navigate the complexities of phone system management with confidence and ease, ensuring seamless communication and business connectivity.

Get in touch via email or call us on 01493 444555 to speak to one of our friendly engineers and learn how we can help take the stress out of phone and communication systems for you!