Telephone Systems

With a wide choice of options, VOIP, voicemail, headsets and conference phone options, we can help you create a telephone system suited to your needs and the demands of the working environments your staff encounter.

We’ll help guide you

Whether you want a system capable of providing High Definition VoIP calls for a few users through wired or wireless handsets, or a multi-site system that can facilitate working and communicating from mobile devices across the world, all controlled by the latest technology communication platforms, Anglia Technology has the expertise to advise and build a system for you which will support you and your business effectively and efficiently.

Save you time and money

Technology is moving so fast these days; it has become increasingly challenging to find solutions that really help you save time and money. With a reliable track record and proven service for over 30 years and a jargon-free approach to technology, we here at Anglia Technology are here to make sure you pick the best solution for your needs.


Take your business communication to the next level with a Cloud-based Phone System that can be tailored to suit your exact requirements.


Designed specifically for small or medium-sized businesses looking to take advantage of Panasonic’s reputation for quality technology, without needing a huge budget.


Our fully trained professional installation teams will ensure that your carefully chosen system will operate to its maximum potential.

Yeastar phone systems

We specialise in supplying and installing a range of Telephone Systems from Yeastar. These leading telephone systems are provided with a variety of wired and wireless system telephones, accessories and productivity applications, providing businesses with a solutions-based approach to solving company communications needs.

We believe that designing a phone system to accommodate users’ preferences is the best way to boost productivity and control costs. That’s where our experience and knowledge comes in. We can offer you the functionality, security and reliability of large corporate systems, at a fraction of the cost.

Unified Communications

As East Anglia’s Premier Solution Supplier. We specialise in supplying and installing the complete range of Unified Communications Platforms. Perfect for supporting administrative functions across your business, our unified communications solutions include advanced IP-based network communications, desk-based phones, messaging, video conferencing and highly configurable voicemail systems.


Yeastar Certified Technician
  • Desk based phones and accessories
  • Messaging
  • Video conferencing
  • Productivity applications
  • Highly configurable voicemail systems
  • IP based network communications

Stay Connected

Yeastar is used by the business sectors across the world to deliver critical communications to single or multi-sites, dispersed teams at home, on the road or even travelling abroad. This ensures teams always stay connected to each other and to their callers. The Yeastar P Series is a converged system to wrap a suite of services around, including voice, video, applications, collaboration, and more.

As working from home has become the new normal, we have many options to allow the transition from Office to Home to be seamless.

Any device, anywhere

Driven through a set of applications for web browsers, Android, iOS, Windows and Mac, Linkus Clients enable P-Series PBX users to make audio and video calls right from the web browser as well as easily turn mobile phones and desktops into office extensions. Use Linkus Clients to stay connected and productive whether you are in the office, on the go, or working from home.


Yeastar supports an extensive range of handsets including DECT Cordless, Mobile Client, and IP Conference Phones. These handsets are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of users across your business, and always deliver the best combination of features and functionality at the right price point for you.

Integrated Video Conferencing: Interact and Collaborate in Real-time (Ultimate Plan)

Not only large enterprises, SMEs also need face-to-face conversations to bring teams and customers closer together regardless of their locations. P-Series PBX System introduces an integrated web-based video conferencing solution with screen sharing and team chat for SMEs to easily conduct multi-party virtual meetings – a smarter way to get things done quicker, enhance team collaboration, and build stronger business relationships.

How does video conferencing work?

Consumer applications like Skype mean that anyone can make video calls for just the cost of a webcam and microphone (and if you’re using Apple’s FaceTime, you don’t even need that).

But although Skype and co. do the job for social communications, we wouldn’t recommend using them as a long term business solution. A jerky Skype conversation is unlikely to cut the mustard in the professional environment, where you need to impress a partner or potential new client and first impressions are vital.

The good news is that with modern video conferencing systems, muffled voices, broken calls and time spent waiting for a screen to load are a thing of the past. The even better news is that the cost of a high quality, professional video conferencing solution is probably a lot less than you think.


I stay just as active as my business. I need to ensure I stay connected whether I am at the office, working from home, or visiting with a client. To me work is an activity, not a location.

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