Business Wi-Fi & Data Cabling

Your network cabling infrastructure is probably the most important element of your entire IT network

It is the arterial system along which vital data travels every working day. Any shortfall in the installation could have a serious impact on your business, if not now in the future.

If you have a need to share your internet connection or data over multiple systems wirelessly or by cable then we can help. After a thorough analysis of your requirements Anglia Technology can design and advise on the best course of action to take and the options available.

Anglia Technology can provide the complete cabling solution for your business, everything from high performance Category 5e or Cat 6 structured cabling, all with 15 or 25 year warranties.

This gives you the confidence and reassurance that the installation will meet the constant demands in the future years.

Wi-fi is a basic need, for you and your customers

Could you go 24 hours without the internet; it’s essential to modern life. Having your own wi‑fi service not only gets more people through your door, it keeps them coming back. But it isn’t about simply having wi-fi, it’s about having the best wi-fi possible.

With the increased mobility that wireless LANs (WLANs) can offer benefits can be gained in operations throughout manufacturing facilities, warehouses, hotels, cafes, bars, airports, hospitals, colleges, large businesses as well as public areas.

With the benefit of having cable-free and fast secure connections makes it ideal for conference rooms or applications that require multiple internet connections without requirement of Ethernet cables. Wireless networks also allow you to also share support devices such as network printers and storage devices.

Wi-fi is now a critical part of “your” customers’ experience. It means you can give your customers what they want, learn more about them, and promote your brand.

WAN & LAN Configuration

If you just moved premises or have an existing network installation that needs adapting or reconfiguring to meet the growing demands of your business, then you’ll be pleased to know that Anglia Technology provides network reconfiguration service for wireless and cable connections.

Whether you’re adding more computers to a network or need to extend your wireless connection, Anglia Telephones can provide the solution.

Whether you need a fast internet or internal gigabit connection to share large files over a network, Anglia Technology can provide the best solution.

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