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Conference phones for all your meetings – Konftel 300

An easy-to-use conference phone that delivers superior audio quality is essential for productive remote meetings. The models in Konftel’s 300 series are very similar to look at and many of their key features are the same. OmniSound® delivers HD-quality audio and incorporates a conference guide, phonebook, conference group storage and other useful features to get your meetings up and running. Many of the models can also connect calls from different connections or lines.

Another smart feature is the SD card recorder capability for meetings and dictations. Play back, save or share your recordings. The Konftel 200 series incorporates our OmniSound® audio technology even though it has fewer other features in general.

To find the model that best suits your needs, think about how you want to meet. Fixed-line or wireless, small or large situations, smart features or minimalistic? Whatever you decide on, you’ll be amazed by the outstanding audio quality.

Shared features in the Konftel 300 series:

  • Multiple connectivity options: analogue, SIP, computer and wireless DECT and mobile
  • OmniSound® – superior audio quality with support for HD audio
  • The conference guide helps you make multi- party calls and store conference groups
  • The phonebook stores contacts
  • Menu and quick reference guide in multiple languages
  • Record meetings on a memory card
  • Two-year warranty


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