Yeastar On-premises PBX gives business owners the edge

31st Jul 2022

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Yeastar P series PBX phone system

Not Your Typical Business Phone System

Of the various changes to overall behaviour in the past 18 months, working from home has arguably been the most prolific, with Covid-19 forcing both a seed change in how businesses operate day-to-day, and the acceleration of technology development to help support employees go about their daily tasks.

2022 is likely to see some form of return to office-based working, but flexible schedules mean that there will still be plenty of staff working remotely at least some of the time.

From a technology perspective, it’s absolutely vital that workforces have unified communications, keeping the in-office staff and remote staff connected as efficiently as possible across the full range of devices including desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile.

And unified communications like the Yeastar On-premises PBX systems are giving business owners all the technology support they need to keep their workforces operating optimally.

What does Yeastar On-premises PBX offer?

With cutting edge technologies incorporating encrypted tunneling for simple, secure integration, Yeastar’s features give users hassle-free communications capability. By enabling the service on a business’s PBX, Yeastar allows staff to securely access their office phone lines and use all PBX features such as presence status, integrations with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Outlook and Google, call forwarding, conference calling, voicecmail and more, all from multiple devices.

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