AJAX, the Professional security system

Getting your home security right is about creating layers of security systems to deter would-be burglars from targeting your property at every entry point.

Ideally, the components of your home security system should consist of perimeter deterrents such as a fence and gate, adequate lighting on the periphery and outer walls of your home, CCTV covering as many external areas as possible, good locks and secure entry points and, of course, a top-quality alarm system.

What you should look for in a home alarm system

A robust and integrated alarm system can offer a range of features and benefits to suit your needs, but at its core an alarm system should:

  • Assist with detecting unwanted entry to the property
  • Detect intruders at all entry points including doors and windows
  • Alert the owner and/or a monitoring service with details of where the breach occurred
  • If possible transmit imagery or video feed to the owner and monitoring service
  • Have an emergency function for owners to sound a panic alarm, a medical emergency or other alerts for assistance
  • Be able to integrate into existing home automation and other security systems such as CCTV

Good questions to ask when selecting your alarm system

  1. What am I protecting?
  2. What other features would I like my alarm to have to enhance my safety?
  3. How big is my house and what areas need coverage?
  4. How should my alarm system integrate into my house structure and other technologies?
  5. What are my family’s routines?
  6. How must my alarm system support those routines?

Why we use Ajax Alarm Security Systems

At Anglia Telephones we specialize in installing Ajax professional security systems. Ajax offers smart, reliable, adaptable systems that react fast to protect you against multiple threats.

Ajax Systems:

  • Deter and detect intruders at periphery and at point of home entry
  • Alert owners and monitoring services immediately and provide visual confirmation of intrusion
  • Connect to streaming security cameras
  • Are intelligent and react only to real threats
  • Integrate with other appliances and systems such as security lights
  • Feature Fire and Flood protection
  • Have wireless connectivity for simple, effective and tidy installation and integration

What products does Ajax Systems offer?

  • Ajax Hub Security System Control Panel
    • Range of connectivity options including Wifi, 2/3G/4G and LTE, Ethernet
    • Dual SIM and multiple communication channel connectivity to connect fast to owner and monitoring service
  • Range extenders to ensure Ajax coverage and reinforce the system
  • MotionCam motion detector with visual alarm verification
  • MotionProtect motion detectors
  • CombiProtect motion detector and glass break detector
  • MotionProtect Curtain motion detector with narrow viewing angle
  • DoorProtect opening protector with shock and tilt sensor
  • GlassProtect glass break detector
  • Outdoor detection including:
    • MotionProtect Outdoor
  • FireProtect
      • Smoke detector
      • Temperature detector
      • Carbon Monoxide detector
  • LeaksProtect flood detector
  • Remote controls
  • Sirens including HomeSiren and StreetSiren

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