What is it?

Integrated Services Digital Network is the international standard for end-to-end digital transmission of voice and signalling. The latest generation ISDN2e is the standard basic two channel ISDN service available from Mainstream Digital. ISDN2e is available from 2 lines upwards, making it suitable for small businesses.

ISDN 30e

What is it?

ISDN30 is the European standard for digital connection to ISDN Primary rate service and is the equivalent of up to 30 exchange lines delivered to your premises by fibre cable and connected to the PBX. ISDN30 is available from only 8 lines upwards, making it suitable for a wide range of businesses.

What can it do for me?

These 64 kbps digital exchange lines give high speed connections for clear voice transmission, with fast call set-up and near instantaneous call connection, saving time and money with cost effective public switched telephone networks call rates.

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