It’s time to prepare for The Big BT Switch Off!

There are massive changes coming from BT as they prepare to switch off their traditional ISDN and PSTN phones systems and broadband network and switch over to fibre-based systems.

16 million business lines will be affected by the Big Switch off.

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Who will be affected by the ISDN & PSTN switch off?

Over 16 million telephone lines will have to be transferred to IP-based networks which support broadband-based call services as a result of the switch off. This will affect over two million UK businesses, with the biggest impact felt by those with a substantial use of landline telephones, alarm systems and other telemetry-based services using PSTN lines (see below).

When will the Big Switch Off happen?

By December 2025, with no further sales or upgrades to existing BT phone lines from September 2023.



What will be affected by the PSTN and ISDN switch off?

A range of services will be affected by the switch off, including:

  • Telephone systems, phone lines and their numbers
  • ADSL and FTTC broadband internet services
  • Burglar alarms / Fire alarms / Panic alarms
  • Fax machines
  • Emergency phones / Emergency lift lines
  • EPOS terminals

    How and why should you make the switch now?

    Switching now means you start to benefit immediately from the numerous features and benefits that IP-based systems offer:

    • upgraded technology that future-proofs your business
    • scaleable solutions to suit your business needs as they flex and change
    • hassle-free switch which retains your existing numbers meaning no disruption to your daily business
    • cost-effective, high-quality voice and video communication
    • simple integration across multiple devices in and out of the office
    • Reduce costs by as much as 20%

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