A deeper look at the Ajax Alarm

17th Mar 2022

When it comes to high-quality home alarm systems there are many to choose from, offering clients a wide range of products to help them keep their homes and families safe.

And like our clients, at Anglia Telephones we take security really seriously – from our perspective, we want to offer only the best quality products to match our services, with Ajax Systems matching our rigorous standards as the most awarded security system in Europe.

What does Ajax Systems offer that puts it in a class of its own?

There are currently 27 different Ajax Systems components for indoor and outdoor protection of homes, featuring motion, fire, and leakage detectors, as well as the control panels (hubs), range extenders, keyboards, smart sockets, relays and panic buttons.
With wireless detectors, Ajax Systems are unobtrusive and allow for neat installation without leaving the walls covered with cables.
Jeweller radio protocol brings all of the Ajax system devices into a securely encrypted wireless network to deliver immediate activation of alarms and protect against interference.
Overall, Ajax is the most awarded wireless security system in Europe, giving customers:

  • Pro-grade security: Ajax earned the highest reliability grade available for the wireless security systems after testing in five independent laboratories.
  • Protection even during power cuts: Even during a power blackout Ajax hubs continue to operate and notify you of alarm triggers for up to 16 hrs using GSM-channels and back-up power.
  • Seamless integration with your lifestyle: Ajax Systems has apps that help you monitor your home and its security remotely, using prompt notifications and video surveillance integrations.
  • Security automation: With the wireless plug and play sockets and various relays, you can control electric locks, garage doors, rolling shutters, lights, and other home appliances all in one app.

Ajax Systems are able to alert you to any number of security and other threats, as well as non-threat notifications including:

  • Burglar and other intruder detection
  • Visitor identification and access control
  • Fire and smoke alerts
  • Leak and flood detection

To keep you safe in the event of the above, Ajax Systems offer:

  • Fast emergency response
  • Full security management in your smartphone
  • Hub can connect to devices up to 2,000 meters away
  • Resistance to jamming
  • Data encryption
  • Wireless indoor and outdoor security

To find out more about Ajax Systems and our full installation and set-up services, contact Anglia Telephones today on 01493 444555 or email sales@atel.co.uk.