Anglia Technology: A Business Evolution based on the same founding principle

31st Dec 2021

Anglia Technology logo

2021 has certainly been a year of change for many businesses, with many facing a swift pivot and shift towards a greater digital capability whether in terms of their day-to-day sales and marketing, or at an operational level by making better use of Cloud-based technologies for internal and outbound communication.

At Anglia Telephones, this past year has been culmination of a long journey; an evolution which started 30 years ago and has seen the business transition from Phones Direct in 1991 to Anglia Telephones in 2001, and now in 2021 – with the introduction of a range of new capabilities, products and services – to Anglia Technology.

“Having founded the company in 1991, the past 30 years has really been a fantastic journey. What started as an idea to deliver the best possible communications tools to our customers has now evolved into a business that I’m very proud to say has been delivering on that promise ever since,” says Simon McGee, Managing Director and Founder of Anglia Technology.

The name change represents how Anglia has grown from a core business offering customers the best in telephone communications solutions to offering a far broader range of products and services harnessing the power of Cloud-based technologies.

The impact of upgraded fibre broadband in the United Kingdom has enhanced the implementation of Anglia Technology’s Cloud-based Unified Communications Platform and remote support and monitoring, giving business customers seamless, integrated communication capability on desk phones, mobiles and computer-based interfaces – especially useful for companies operating with staff out on the road or working from home.

Similarly, the enhancements in fibre technology give Anglia Technology the opportunity to migrate customers from fixed telephone lines to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services, meaning businesses and residential customers benefit from reliable, cost-effective options for their telephony needs.

To complement these services as their customers’ needs have evolved, Anglia Technology also offers a range of Business Wi-Fi solutions and has recently added CCTV Systems and Alarm Systems to their services, allowing them to specify and install remote video surveillance systems, perimeter security, fire and flood detection alarms and much more.

McGee adds, “We’ve been fortunate enough to be able to integrate these new technologies easily into our portfolio, enabling us to continue bringing these capabilities to our customers today and into the future. We look forward to the next 30 years!”

To find out more about how Anglia Technology can support your business with a broad range of cloud-based technologies, contact us today on 01493 444555 or email