The Best Deterrent against Burglary

17th Feb 2021

Covid-19 has had an interesting impact on crime statistics in the UK, with the positive news that overall, in 2020, crime reduced by around 30% (excluding fraud and cybercrime).

However, the simple truth is that economic pressures will start to exert an unnatural pressure on lower-income households over the next 12 months, and criminals do not rest – where there is a will, there is a way, and it is therefore of paramount importance to review and upgrade your home security systems this year.

Over 356 000 homes were burgled in the UK last year, despite the majority of Brits staying at home due to lockdown protocols. In fact, during these burglaries, a reported 64% of the time there was someone at home at the time!

Fast Facts on Burglary in 2020

  1. Most burglaries happen in daytime hours.
  2. Most burglars are looking for higher-value items such as car keys, and also combinations of items such as laptops, bank cards, passports and documents that allow them to steal your identity.
  3. 47% of burglaries are ‘spur of the moment’ based on factors that show the would-be thief that your property is not secure, either permanently or in the moment.
  4. The majority of burglaries are committed by people living close to you as they’ve spotted routines and access points.
  5. Most burglaries happen very quickly.
  6. Only 14 arrests are made for every 100 burglaries.

Given the statistics, one may be forgiven for wondering how best to curb burglary in general, and what specifically you could do to protect your home. A recent survey amongst ex-burglars revealed that the biggest deterrent was a CCTV or an Alarm system, followed by the sound of a dog barking, security lights and proper fencing.

Given the fact that CCTV or an Alarm system are the most effective deterrents, it may well be an ideal time to invest in a home security system that gives you peace of mind, and comes with a range of other benefits including:

  1. 4K and HD quality imagery and footage for a variety of lighting and atmospheric conditions.
  2. Reduced insurance premiums – homes with CCTV and an Alarm system are more secure, and therefore less likely to get burgled, which is an attractive benefit when you’re seeking home and contents insurance.
  3. Technological advances in recent years mean that the modern CCTV systems are discreet, stylish and weatherproof, and can operate on network connections to reduce the amount of cabling required at installation.
  4. Smart Home integration – DAHUA CCTV systems can easily be integrated into smart security systems such as AJAX to give you seamless control of your security system whether you’re at home, or away.

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