Ajax Systems: The best choice for your alarms

11th Mar 2021

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Protecting your home with an integrated, comprehensive and effective alarm system is becoming an absolute must, with burglaries on unprotected homes and businesses on the rise.

At Anglia Telephones our product of choice is Ajax, and with good reason, with this market-leading brand offering an impressive selection of technology and equipment to help us protect our customers.

In essence, Ajax offer multiple protection services against threats such as burglary, intrusion, fire, water leakage, gas leakage and more.

At the heart of the system is the Ajax Hub which connects to a local network via Ethernet, Wifi or GSM and acts as the central nervous system for the range of connected sensors, cameras and devices. These may range from a few door and window sensors that detect intrusion to CCTV cameras, fire, gas and water sensors or access control systems.

The Hub gives the system owner the option to expand or adapt systems as their needs grow – flexibility that is a tangible benefit and saves time and cost in the long run.

Integration with other devices is also simple, with Ajax Systems integrating easily with other leading brands such as Dahua, again giving system owners a great deal of flexibility in terms of customizing systems to their ever-changing needs.

For system users, Ajax offers a neat and easy-to-use App – an interface that gives users real-time alerts, lets users activate and deactivate systems or parts of systems, and control smart appliances within the connected system.

For professional advice on your home or business alarm system, contact Anglia Telephones today on 01493 444555 or email sales@atel.co.uk.