Frequently Asked Questions

Communications Assistant Password Clear:

You will need to clear the CA password from a manager extension as follows: Ext 201 is normally set as a manager extension.

1, press program *1
2, enter your system password
3, press 91
4, select EXT PIN Clear then press ENTER or AUTO DIAL STORE button
5, enter extension number then press ENTER or AUTO DIAL STORE button to clear the password.

Then log on to CA leaving the password field blank, this will then allow you to enter a new password.

Call Forward:

Forward all calls as follows:

*710 2 number # (example *710 2 9 01493 416444 #)
*7100 to cancel

Other options:
2 (All calls) + phone no. + #
3 (Busy) + phone no. + #
4 (No Answer) + phone no. + #
5 (Busy/No Answer) + phone no. + #

Group forward as follows:
To set *7141 group number 9 + phone number #
To Cancel *7140 group number

Example *7141 601 9 01493416444 # this forwards Group 1 to Anglia Telephones. *7140 601 to cancel

Call Park

During A conversation press [TRANSFER]
Dial [*] [5] [2] + specified park number (00-99) or press [*] to park at an idle parking zone.

Retrieving A Parked Call

Lift Handset (from any extension)
Dial [*] [5] [2] + Park number.

Conference phone conference procedure.

During conversation, press recall and make second call, once connected press recall again followed by 3 to talk to multiple parties.

DISA Out of hours message record, No option to leave message:

*361 501 after the tone record your message: “Hello thanks for calling, our offices are now closed, if you know the extension you require please dial it now. Our office opening hours are (INSERT) thanks for calling” When finished press Auto Dial Store.

Same procedure for DISA message:

*361 501 after the tone record your message: “Welcome to Anglia Telephones, press one etc” When finished press Auto Dial Store.

To play back:
*362 501

Do Not Disturb

*7111 to Set
*7100 to Cancel

Headset Mode:

Turn headset on/off as follows: Press Program 61 then the Auto Dial Store button. Then press arrow down followed by the Auto Dial Store again. This should turn headset mode on or off.

IP Phone Registration:

Press [PROGRAM] then scroll down to select PBX press [SP-PHONE] and enter the PABX IP address then press [SP PHONE] [HOLD] [HOLD] then STORE.

SVM Greeting Message:

You record your Greeting Message as follows: Lift handset and dial *381 after the tone record your greeting message and when finished press the AUTO DIAL STORE button. The greeting is then played back you can then press 0 to clear or 1 to re record. If you are happy with the recording, just hang up.

Other codes:
*382 plays back ogm
*383 plays back old messages.

Message waiting light, and how to clear.

For an extension leaving a message waiting indication. When the called extension is busy or does not answer your call, you can leave a notification so that the called party may call you back.

To set: When the called extension is busy or does not answer press 4 or Message.

For an extension receiving a message waiting indication. As a message receiver, the Message button light or Message/Ringer Lamp lets you know that a call has been received. If you receive notification, you can call the caller back by a simple operation.

To clear: Lift handset, press message, when called party answers light will clear.
Alternatively *700 then desired extension number, this can be completed by any extension.

Station Feature Clear:

Dial *790 then press SP-PHONE.

Time Change:

Changing the time on a Panasonic KX-TD, KX-TDA, or KX-TDE digital system can be done from any display phone.
1.- Enter programming mode by pressing “PROGRAM” button then “STAR” button twice, followed by 1, 2, 3, 4
2.- Enter program “000” and press Enter
3.- Press “SPEAKER” button two times, you will see the time.
4.- Enter the correct hour.
5.- Press “FORWARD/DND” button to advance to the minute selection
6.- Enter the correct minutes (if necessary to update).
7.- Press “FORWARD/DND” button to advance to the AM/PM selection.
8.- Press “MUTE” button to select AM or PM (if necessary to change).
9.- Press “STORE” button
10.- Lift and replace handset to exit the programming mode.
11.- This will change the time for all of the phones on your phone