So, what is Horizon Hosted Telephony?

20th Jun 2017


Horizon Hosted phone system

Horizon is a complete hosted communications service that provides businesses with an extensive range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities via an easy-to-use web portal.

Cloud based communications and software services are all the rage right now and well, they should be. So what is a cloud phone system? It is actually hosted VoIP or an Internet business phone system (Virtual PBX). This Cloud Phone Systems, also known as Hosted VoIP… “cloud phone system” is a communications platform where the application sits out in the cloud or Internet and as a subscriber you connect to it for a monthly fee. “Cloud based phone system” is a relatively new term meaning phone service that is delivered through your Internet connection. This term or buzz word; cloud is the really another word to mean the Internet. A synonymous description would be Internet Phone System or Hosted VoIP with regards to an Internet Business Phone System.

Here at Anglia Telephones, with over 25 years experience in Business Telephony, we are perfectly placed to help you navigate the minefield of Hosted Providers and are able to recommend the right solution for your business.

Horizon Hosted phone system